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We are Christian spiritual directors who affirm a commonly held understanding of the assumptions, purpose and process of "spiritual direction."


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Our Mission

bulletTo provide a venue for spiritual directors to participate in peer supervision
bulletTo provide information and referrals regarding spiritual direction and directors to churches, health-care professionals, and individuals seeking spiritual direction or supervision 
bulletTo provide an opportunity for collegiality among regional spiritual directors


Our Purpose

            The purpose of spiritual direction is to provide a “sacred space” for individuals to seek a deeper relationship with God and to discern how to best live out their faith. In this space, in which God’s presence is acknowledged, they are assisted by a companion’s “holy listening” to discern God’s movement in their lives.

Our Process

            Spiritual direction in the broadest sense occurs when one person accompanies another in attending to God’s presence in his or her life and prayers.

 In the more formal spiritual direction relationship in which members of the CSDNN engage, the spiritual director (or companion) establishes an intentional covenant  regarding confidentiality and other issues with the directee.  They agree to meet at regular intervals within a context of prayer. During the sessions, directees describe prayer or life experiences that are on their heart, as the director listens. The director’s function is to assist directees, primarily through questions, observations and mutual reflective silence and prayer, to see and name their own experience of God; explore and discover their foundational calling; and discern how the Spirit is leading them in their choices, thoughts, and actions.

 The director’s core intention is neither to provide therapy nor to solve problems, but rather to focus on the directee’s experience of God within any given situation.  Margaret Guenther’s analogy comparing spiritual direction to midwifery is apt.  A person is capable of discovering for him/herself the spirit that lies within, but benefits from having someone present to “catch” the nuances, movements, signs, feelings, distractions, etc. accompanying the birth of what is and always has been deep within.  The dialogue with the risen Jesus on the walk to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-27) also exemplifies the process of spiritual direction, as Jesus contextualized the experiences related by the men to a deeper level of insight into Scripture and their own lives through his questions and responses.     

Our Members

Membership is limited to:

bulletVocational religious who practice spiritual direction
bulletClergy who practice spiritual direction
bulletLaity who have specific training in a mentored, certificate or academic program in spiritual direction, including supervised practice
bulletCurrent students in a spiritual direction program

Contact Information

CSDNN's facilitator is Nancy Pfaff, M.A.

775-746-2056, Nancy Pfaff, M.A., 775-746-2056
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